You are currently viewing Welcome to the physical edition of the most iconic Nape Games!

Welcome to the physical edition of the most iconic Nape Games!

Nape Games definitive collection will arrive physically thanks to a brand new collaboration with the Spanish publisher, Tesura Games. The first fruit of their collaboration will be Reknum Origins Collection, available in two editions on Nintendo Switch on Q1 2022. Who knows what will follow?

Reknum Origins Collection is a compilation of Nape “Games”, including a wide variety of genres and the beginning of its Ploid and Reknum universes. 


In Reknum you play the role of princess Cheri, who must advance through 6 different completely explorable zones, loot chests with crystals that will increase her passive skills in order to advance. 

Each zone introduces different elements which must be evaluated in order to be able to advance, to examine how to advance, to examine the behavior of the enemies and to fight bosses in the pure style of the NES will be your day-to-day in the game. 

This new Deluxe version comes with new features! Special dash move made for speedrunners who want to play fast, new sprites have been added to characters, The story has been extended to explain the connection to the PLOIDS and the outcome of the game, All sections of the story have been retouched with HD art, The game’s HUD has been improved and we have added a new mode with great difficulty and remix levels for those looking for a great challenge.


  • 2 Different weapons 
  • New auto-upgrade passive skill system 
  • 6 different exploration zones with a lot of looting 
  • Hardcore platform based levels 
  • Autosave feature 
  • Hardcore fast fight bosses 
  • 8 to 16bit graphics 
  • 8bit to a modern soundtrack 


In PLOID SAGA you play with the PLOIDS Alpha and Omega, which is the evolution of the human race by merging technology with its DNA. You have 3 adventures in the saga with different playstyles: 

In V.O.I.D.+ our First platformer game, our planet is invaded by a race from another galaxy, which destroys everything it touches to become thus with absolute power. After some time, a group of Ploids decides to take action and return to peace. To achieve this, Alpha and Omega must travel through time to eras of an ancient land, in order to obtain sacred stones that will give him the necessary power to defeat the invaders. Some of the ancient epochs are feudal Japan, the ice age, the medieval era, or others. What he does not know is that the invaders tried to get those holy stones before him! … In addition, time threatens to collapse, and only you can connect to the PLOIDS to save the Earth!


  • 2 Characters with different attributes 
  • 2 different types of gameplay based on the character you select 
  • 8 Time travel zones with more than 50 levels 
  • Hardcore platform based levels 
  • UNLEASHED MODE (All levels unlocked) 
  • UNLEASHED CLASSIC MODE (All levels unlocked in classic V.O.I.D. gameplay) 

PLOID happens a couple of years after the events of V.O.I.D.+ the Ploids have formed the patrol that protects time and space to avoid repeating the story with Dr. Elo, also Alpha and Omega Ploids enter a new line in evolution due to time travel turning them into PLOID X, a skill that allows them to have temporary improvements to their systems in order to fight. In order to become Ploid X, they must travel to 7 sacred ruins in search of the sacred disks files that contain the necessary information to be able to take the final step and evolve, you will explore the levels in a unique platformer style with different types of gameplays and extras.


  • 2 Characters with different attributes 
  • 2 different types of gameplay based on the character you select 
  • 7 dungeons 
  • Hardcore platform based levels 
  • EX-MODE (remixed levels of V.O.I.D.+ with more challenge) 
  • Change graphics from retro to modern style whenever you want with 1 button 
  • Change music to 8bit style and HD whenever you want with 1 button

UCHUSEN and UCHUSEN 2 minigames you control 3 Mobile war suits, designed with high technology to fight against the alien invasion Uchūsen. Your goal is to open up between the enemy base and end the invasion to win the intergalactic war in a shoot’em up style. Do you have all the necessary reflexes to control Kairos and open yourself up in the enemy base?


  • Sticker artstyle with retro TV backgrounds 
  • Sidescroller shoot em up 


  • 3 Mobile suit ships with different attributes. 
  • Random generated levels. 
  • Passive upgrade combat system


REKNUM Cheri Dreamland is an action, exploration and 2D platformer game. Cheri is sucked into the dreamworld and she must find a way to wake up to save the kingdom. Explore the thematic levels, unlock new weapons and upgrade your skills, fight fearsome bosses inspired by classic gameplay, decipher the poetic words of the ancestors when you travel through the dream world and reach the real final outcome.


  • Unlock new weapons  
  • Auto upgrade passive skill system  
  • 8 different exploration zones with a lot of looting  
  • Hardcore platform based levels  
  • Autosave feature  
  • Hardcore fast fight bosses  
  • 16bit vintage graphics  
  • Classic 1930s soundtrack and Artstyle 
  • Voice acting narrative

Reknum Origins Collection will be available in physical format on Nintendo Switch during the Q1 2022. Pre-order soon!

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About Tesura Games

Tesura Games is a Spanish Indie video games Publisher and Distributor whose aim is to bring nice and cool independent games to market. Find us on Twitter, Facebook e Instagram.


About Nape Games

NAPE GAMES S.L. is a independent videogames & apps company. Located in Barcelona, Spain, we develop videogames based on the GML, Unreal Engine, Nesmaker and Unity 3D codes, being Consoles, PC and Mobile our target for publishing platforms.

We want to create fun and challenging gameplay! We want to give everyone the same collective types of game experiences that have defined our generation! With our goal is to engage, delight, surprise, and match wits with gamers of all ages on whatever devices they can be found with a little humor along!

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