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No time to waste! do you want to know who we are? Let's go then... Here we leave a little from our beginnings

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Nape Games Timeline

The Story of Nape Games - Join us on this journey through the years in this great game making adventure!

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The adventure begins on September 17, 2016 - Nape Games begins the adventure of creating video games. Passionately like a hobby in a room at home.

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We develop our first mobile and PC games! - V.O.I.D. is a side-scrolling action game taking the best aspects of the 8-bit and 16-bit era classics, and transforming them with modern technology and fresh mechanics, into something new and exciting. And Mobile Wars X is a shooting game where you have to fight against an alien invasion. You can choose between 3 Mobile X: a very fast ship capable of firing homing missiles, a robot with advanced ninja weapons, and a special ship with unique laser attacks.

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V.O.I.D. Published on consoles & IndieDevDay Event! - Our 1st game V.O.I.D. is released on Nintendo Switch and the IndieDevDay event, wich is focused on the development of indie videogames is founded.


Is not sufficient? You want to know more? Well, here we leave an Indie documentary that we've made so you can see how screwed it is to develop and publish games, and yes... We develop and publish video games... Yes... It's extremely screwed up!

The beginnings are screwed up, especially when you have no fucking idea in videogame development, going from a Merchant Marine Officer to developing videogames has its own...

The digital press has spoken and has helped us reach more audiences, showing the human part of us.

How do you reach an audience if you don't know anyone? Well... Forming a team to create IndieDevDay was a very important step to help other studios while we grew more.

But we couldn't spend our whole life with the event, we had to go separate ways to focus on the development of videogames.

We are human, before creating videogames we were mortals who loved popular franchises (we still do) that inspire us to develop games and here is a sample of what inspired us while we were part of the digital press.

Our retro roots are gaining more and more strength, there is no time to waste... we have to develop what we really like to play!