Collecting the sacred orbs and preventing the breakup of the multiverse will be your mission!

Join Super Cambur... A banana hero of its own

Super Cambur is on a mission to retrieve the four sacred orbs in order to restore peace to his land. He must travel through treacherous lands and face powerful foes in order to complete his quest. With courage and determination, Super Cambur embarks on an epic journey to retrieve the sacred orbs and restore peace to his kingdom.

Super Cambur is a classic RPG videogame, you can play with the keyboard, mouse or gamepad. You will have to advance through the maps to discover the story of the game, depending on the area in which you are, you will enter into random battles, in which you will have to select the combination of attacks based on your strategy to be victorious. You also have the option to improve your heroes withnew gear and upgrade skills or lear new magic spells.

Are you ready to go on an old school retro adventure?


►Journey through the world of Super Cambur and explore each of its corners in your quest for notoriety, wealth and recognition.
►Explore vibrant villages, abandoned mines, deserted camps, Dugeons and more as you unravel the history of the 4 Sacred Orbs.
►Universally updated 2D pixel graphics.
►Beautifully soundtrack in a faithful Super Cambur style by original composer Filippo Vicarelli.
►Classic RPG Gameplay in a new pixel/comic world
►Modernized UI, auto-battle options, and more!