#03 Uchūsen Ultimate Ploid Avengers (NES)


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Get a physical copy of Uchusen Ultimate Ploid Avengers for the NES, includes:

  • Game boxed with instruction booklet
In Uchūsen Ultimate Ploid Avengers you control the ship Kairos 3, designed with high technology to fight against the alien invasion Uchūsen. Your goal is to open up between the enemy base and end the invasion to win the intergalactic war.
Do you have all the necessary reflexes to control Kairos and open yourself up in the enemy base? This adventure will be the climax of the PLOIDS piloting space, you will have to rescue pilots, open new routes with electronic keys, upgrade Kairos 3 to a special Mecha and fight against known and new bosses! You will also have the classic challenge mode in which you can fight for the best score in the game! The definitive version of Uchūsen awaits you!
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