Action / Adventure

Platformer / Metroidvania

Shoot’em Up


Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5

XBOX Series X/S

Xbox One




Feb 2022


Relive an experience from the past with 4 retro games from the 8-bit era! From Platformer, Adventure and Exploration Shoot’em Ups games!

Respecting the limitations of the 8-bit era, but with special additions like optional retro visualizations and filters to transport us back to the nostalgic era of the 80s or 90s, we present the following games within the pack.

Reknum Souls Adventure is an action, exploration and 2D platformer videogame, it is the latest installment in the REKNUM saga but one of the first in the REKNUM Timeline. What would you do to mend the past? Is facing your fears the solution to become stronger?… or perhaps the key to making amends? change or protect the future, what would you do to make up for an injury done to a loved one?… Let’s look for answers in this classic platform adventure full of challenges, puzzles, combats and more!

Explore the thematic levels, unlock new weapons, fight fearsome bosses inspired by classic gameplay, decipher the poetic words of the ancestors when you travel through the kingdom of Drissol and reach Cheri’s final outcome.

The protagonist Cheri in Reknum Souls Adventure is not the same as the one we will find in Fantasy of Dreams or in Cheri’s Dreamland. This Cheri is many years in the past, when the timeline has barely divided from the PLOIDS and the fantasy universe begins to be created.

In the kingdom of Drissol there was a great battle in the lust for power and it was where Cheri lost her family. After the war ended, she follows her desire to bring her family back based on village rumors, said rumors say that if she manages to get the 4 sacred souls she will be able to open a portal to the underworld and bring her family back … Here is when our adventure begins!

Ploid is a platform adventure game, play solo and explore the lost temples in order to gain power and become the ultimate Ploid X of the galaxy! Fight to get the best score and overcome challenging sections.

A couple of years after the events of V.O.I.D. the Ploids have formed the patrol that protects time and space to avoid repeating the history of V.O.I.D. With Dr. Elo, also Alpha and Omega Ploids enter a new link in evolution due to time travel turning them into PLOID X, a skill that allows them to have temporary improvements to their systems in order to fight. In order to become Ploid X, Omega must travel to several ruins in search of the sacred disks that contain the necessary information to be able to take the final step and evolve.

Uchūsen 1 & 2 are mini games designed and programmed by Napoleón Malpica from NAPE GAMES  and Manu Segura from Tuxedo Games for 1 day in an internal GameJam at the Fnac’n Pixels 2019 event.

In Uchūsen you control the ship Kairos, designed with high technology to fight against the alien invasion Uchūsen. Your goal is to open up between the enemy base and end the invasion to win the intergalactic war.

Do you have all the necessary reflexes to control Kairos and open yourself up in the enemy base?