The voices behind Skillmaster Girls part 1

The voices behind Skillmaster Girls part 1

We are proud to present the voices behind our heroines in Skillmaster Girls !, We leave a bit of their bio with an example of the  excellent work they do! Soon you can listen to them with content about the game.

Aimee Smith is a full-time voice talent from Australia who has voiced for over 100 characters in video games. Some of these roles include Milla from Freedom Planet, Alysia from Battlerite, and now, Delta and Akira from Skillmaster Girls! She loves couch co-op adventures, the perfect combination of sugar and coffee and her Japanese Spitz (Despite the fact she’s a terror!).

Melissa Sheldon is an American bilingual voice actress specializing in Video Game & Commercial voiceover in Spanish and English. Known for her vocal flexibility & range, she often voices feisty and emotional characters of all ages. When not voice acting, Melissa is a movie buff, dog mom, & lover of wine.

Michelle Marie is a bilingual professional voice actress known for voicing Millium Orion in Trails of Cold Steel 3, Fizel in Sword Art Online, Toki in Kemono Friends, & Niffty in Hazbin Hotel. She is also a singer & lyricist. Her most well known song is: It’s Not Like I Like You!


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