Sergi Mobile War X Ultimate Simulation Battle!

Sergi Mobile War X Ultimate Simulation Battle!

We are eager to tell you about our first experience with our fellow Sergi Muñoz.

Sergi has been our first student to whom the internal show of the matrix NAPE GAMES, he managed to work efficiently within the development of maps for our Reknum videogame, also the conversion of it to pixel art.

He has been able to work under pressure and deliver projects on the stipulated date.

But its main performance was within the Mobile Wars X Ultimate Simulation Battle project / expansion. In this project he was in charge of producing all the graphic resources of the 1bit expansion, based on old and current memes to give the game a touch of humor. He converted photos to graphics at 1bit for menus, then animations of characters at 1bit and error correction in programming.

At the level of imagination and graphic freedom for the characters he took references of “Media culture and internet memes” we will cite a few references from his work.

Tongo to 1bit conversion for game NPC

Thanks to his imagination, he has merged Leticia Sabater with an Eva from the Japanese animation series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” to create a funny hybrid character for the game.

Working with Sergi has been a pleasant experience, since he provided quality content and has been a responsible, punctual and an excellent worker.

For the next IndieDevDay 2019 to be held on September 7 and 8, he will have an assigned stand in order to show his work to the public for the first time, receive feedback and grow more as a developer.

We already want to see his performance in public as a developer and that his experience continues to grow. Sergi will always be welcome to the NAPE GAMES family.


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