Influences motivating us to create a timeline

Influences motivating us to create a timeline

How our influences motivated us to create a timeline for the games we developed.

On different occasions we have said that the video games we make are strongly inspired by the great classics that we play in different stages of our lives, this time we want to say that all the adventures that we develop in Nape Games are directly related to each other so that they constitute a universe in addition to forming a timeline that allows us to create a more solid setting and argumentation when presenting each of the games separately, that is, thanks to this it is possible to define exactly which direction we can direct our upcoming releases without the need to develop a ludonarrative structure from scratch, which allows us to have a development stage focused on other key aspects of the game in question.

Where did the idea of ​​establishing a timeline come from?

As is well known, many videogame sagas like Megaman, The Legend of Zelda, Shantae or Kunio-kun and even manga like Macross or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have a pre-established chronological order so that when we are playing or reading we can appreciate how the game progresses history in a much more direct way thanks to the interconnection of events between the different parts that make up the saga and this allows us to develop a story that adapts perfectly to all the games we intend to develop.

Timeline of events of Nape Games games.

Skillmaster Girls! AKira Character Spotlight

The universe that we have developed contains a timeline quite similar to that of our real world, the first era we have called the Ancient Era where the facts of Skillmaster Girls! occur in the year 2020. Then several centuries later thanks to the technological advances that they have helped the progress of humanity begins the Ploidtech Era, within this era, specifically in the year 20005 the events of V.O.I.D. occur where the continuous journeys in time of our protagonists have caused the main timeline to branch out forming three time sub-lines.

V.O.I.D. trailer for Nintendo Switch

The first of these ramifications is the Ploidmech Era that begins when the ploids managed to end the alien forces and thus were able to continue their life normally until the events of PLOID 2.

The second branch is the Hybrid Era begins when the alien threat was defeated IN V.O.I.D. but they managed to gather forces and take revenge by causing the ploids to mix their technology with that of the aliens so that they could face the latent threat, resulting in Mobile Wars X and Uchῡsen.

Mobile Wars X trailer for Steam

Uchusen trailer for Nintendo NES

Reknum teaser

Last but not least, the third branch of the timeline is the Crystal Era that begins because the use of energy crystals by ploids has caused a technological collapse across the planet resulting in a world medieval where the ploids have merged with the crystals resulting in creatures known as the Elves of Light. It is in this timeline where an evil sorceress decides to seal the energy of all the inhabitants starting the adventure of Reknum.


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