After a day of intense preparation and a very pleasant event, it is time to talk about what was the Fnac'n'Pixels 2018. We are before the fourth edition of the event, organized by RetroPlayingBcn and Fnac, with the collaboration with developers of retro videogames, youtubers, specialized webs in the sector, arcades, concerts and more. Some of the collaborators this year were NapeGames, where we presented a conference dedicated to the development of the indie video game, talking about the pros and cons, giving advice and experiences in general for all those who are new to the videogame sector. We talked about the development of our video game V.O.I.D. and the evolution that it has had throughout the development, showing its artistic and technical changes. next to V.O.I.D. Inside the conference we show the first official images of REKNUM The Awakening, where we explain how is the game development explaining the pros and cons to provide the best gaming experience in such a limited console.


The 1985 Alternativo developers were working live during the event to show their very curious ‘beat’ em up videogame, and commented curiously because the game has been made entirely during the event and only at the event.

Retro Playing Barcelona with Factory Arcade carried out several fun activities with their arcades, where visitors could play with the arcades and also participate in several tournaments.



The guys at Universe Zelda were on top of the conference dedicated to the first game of the franchise, talking about its beginnings and other things that even hardcore fans did not know, it was a very original retrospective full of content which explained what defined the beginning of The Legend of Zelda saga.


MakoMod with its exhibition of retro art works, the arcade specialists Factory Arcade, the DJ Amtlib and the rock band specialized in videogame music Belmont’s Revenge, which gave 2 concerts to the top and made the whole building resonate with the metal full of Nostalgia took care of animating the whole event.

Atomic Pixel Party was responsible for animating the event with its good music to delight everyone who passes through the facilities.


He also had the collaboration of TuberViejuner who gave media coverage to the event with a very cool video which can be seen below showing the first chapter of John, a charismatic character who got stuck in time in the retro world.

In short it was a day full of very varied and picturesque retro activities, which both the organizers and the visitors were gratifying, since we all enjoy equally what we are so passionate about … Video games!

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