(ENG) Barcelona Games World / Retro Barcelona 2017

(ENG) Barcelona Games World / Retro Barcelona 2017

The Barcelona Games World / Retro Barcelona 2017 is finished and we can only say that it was a very rewarding and enriching experience. All the work that we have dedicated in recent months begins to bear fruit. It was an honor that important developers such as Baroque Decay tested V.O.I.D., they loved it and even gave us recommendations from a professional perspective which we value very much. Also a great personage of the digital entertainment as SASEL very humbly shared a pleasant time dedicating part of his stay to try V.O.I.D. and give us your feedback. We received interviews, we took photos and videos, we were able to share face to face with people of all ages, the truth was that everything was very positive in all aspects, to the point of exceeding our expectations and that our stand was simple and small. For all those who are entering the industry we can only say … It’s never too late to pursue and fight for a dream … If you like something, fight for it, if people do not believe in you? It does not matter, fight like that, if it takes a long time? it does not matter, plan and fight that with perseverance the right moment will come and the effort will be valued and if … It is worth every minute … All this has been an unforgettable experience and next year NAPE GAMES will repeat at the Barcelona Games World / Retro Barcelona to grow even more! Thanks to all those who have supported us, our relatives, friends, and all those people who have put a grain of sand and placed their trust in us. They are unique! and for those big smiles of joy, those faces of frustration at not being able to pass the DEMO of the game we will offer today. All will be part of our motivation to continue with this great project called NAPE GAMES!

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Napoleón Malpica

ಠ_ಠ Merchant Marine Officer by profession ... Father, Game Developer and Gamer vocation [+ - ••] All in all is all we are ¯ (° _o) / ¯ ಠ_ಠ Oficial de Marina Mercante de profesión... Padre, Game Developer y Gamer de vocación [+--••] All in all is all we are ¯(°_o)/¯
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